8 février 2016

shadow of me

And the shadow of me that already cost me
I am scared ! Do I remember?
I do not want to take me by the hand
I do not want to live for tomorrows
Bitterness has obscured an intense sun
My being there is a hole that dance
In my heart there's this huge void
It is day, night ? But I balance ...
The shadow in me troubles me , seduced me
I upsets me for all these darkened
I am bewitched my old life
There was poisoning : I healed ....
Must now wake up , cry
See what needs to be unseated , saved
My pain and my fear will not shout
I turn ! I finally cry "freedom" .. 
shadow of me

See I die for you ... .. ..

There you go 
Well ... I'm on earth
I look at the sky but see the sea
I'm cold ... but I'm in hell ...
What pain can still do to me?
Vacuum is this cruel world ...
Tomorrow I will go to naught
I go where I am expected ....
But since everything in this life , is false
I intend to see the firmament ...
You mother, won't be there ????
Look at this place where I drown
Yet as you see
No water ... nothing ... just tears me
Look wherever you are .... .
See I die for you ... .. ..
See I die for you ... .. ..

5 février 2016

Spoken, tell me again that you do not love me

Tell me where you're leaving?
Tell me again that you do not love me
Think tomorrow I'm gone
Shut up, do the emptiness around you
And tell me ... tell me ... tell me. . .
Finally tells this story
Marking your memory forever
Tell yourself that I already know
Tell me where it does not catch ...
I know that the years have passed
And here we are on the station platform
I understand, it hurts our history
Me, I go out, impoverished, no glory
Tell me what you did?
Your silences I still do not understand
And do not cry ....
And tell you that I suffer as much as you
And tell me ... tell me ... tell me. . .
If-te-please tell me this life
Who says it's all over ...
I did not cry, but you're suffering again ...
It's so far for you, this life ... .. this death.
I know I become a bad memory
But here we must learn to smile ...
I understand the evil that was done
But I still do not know if it was real bad ...
Tell me what I do not understand
Tell me again where I did not meet you
Think tomorrow I'm gone
But think to take me in your arms
Speak again,
And especially careful, do not hurt me !!
But tell me I beg you
But remember: this is my life
This life so worn, so betrayed
Speak, but speak,
Tell me again your innocence
I had so much confidence.
Spoken, tell me again that you do not love me

4 février 2016

Tear This is a bit of me

You see this cute drop after my eyelash
She is so round, it is so perfect beauty
It is there at the end, strong but fragile
She turns and swings as if offered ....
It makes us all a little dance graceful:
She shows us that she believes the party!
Yet it is a drop of my tears!
These tears to brilliant songs of love,
In which is embedded a luxurious flower
Who's Light wind lulls at the Four Winds
This little flower I give thee heartily
I offer but gently picks it well
If you want it, put it on the tip of the finger
Pluck it delicately, slowly
She is curled, then right at the edge of me
Reach me your heart if you want to, now
Would it be possible to connect our sweet emotions?
Look good in my eyes and really see
I offer you my tears, my heart and my soul
I try to give you the best of myself
I'm still the same and so, I ask you
Come it will alleviate this old Lent
Tears can not quench my love ....
I come to you free without any curse
Tear This is a bit of me

Put all nine

__________ Put all nine .... . __________
Like any jug needs to be emptied before being filled ....
We , each of us , the need to empty our past ...
This jug to be filled full of new wine board , empty the old wine ....
.......... DO NOT MIX ON OLD WINE WITH NEW ............
As you can not sew a new piece on an old cloth ,
You do not build a new building on the foundations crumbling !!! ....
Some suffering need to be released from our hearts to be 
healed ... .
Put all nine